Active State

This is a concept I’ve been working on and one that’s enticed me enough to write chapter summaries all the way to its end at #35. This is the first concept I’ve posted here, but I imagine I’ll post others. I’ll definitely look to other ideas if Fractured is considered too pulpy in concept and actualization.

Short Summary: Following a fatal gunshot to the head, veteran and late night security guard George Thymes wakens several centuries in the future. The world he lives in now is seemingly close to perfection, but it doesn’t take long before flaws crack their way across its clear blue sky.

The name George Thymes isn’t a certainty, but the concept of a planet-bound utopia is the essential one.  There are several ideas that haven’t been explored in depth with regards to this concept.  What type of rules and arbitration would need to be established to maintain a Utopia?  I imagine if twelve different people were asked, they’d each provide different answers.  Would we know if we lived in a Utopia?  What prevents us from living in a Utopia now?  I hope the story would answer some of these questions and ask new ones as well.

I won’t go into too many details with regards to the plot, but I will discuss society.  It’s  maintained primarily through memory adjustment and heavy population control.  Due to improvements in technology, citizens are guaranteed virtual immortality and deaths occur only by choice.  Gender and genetic characteristics are adjustable.  Material possessions have an upper limit, but the threshold is difficult to break and everyone’s is the same.

So what possible conflict could occur in a Utopia?  If I decide to write it out you’ll have my take on it.

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