Fractured is an entirely original science fiction Novel around four hundred pages in length. I’ve recently completed the second draft of the novel (which ended up being an almost complete rewrite) and am now waiting for a few people to read it.  I’ve read and heard from multiple sources that one should pause after significant drafts before redrafting in order to let the content settle.

Short Summary: The actions of a normally predictable entity referenced as The Corruption beyond the brink of human expansion have escalated due to the closing distance of a young outer colony resident named Rayne.  Can she escape to the relative safety of the inner human colonies with the help of the unknown outsider Zil, or will she be overtaken by The Corruption and used for whatever purpose it has in store?

The story was designed to allow me to experiment with a large number of concepts and compose them to a succinct narrative.  Essentially, its a space opera astronomically removed from our present though eerily similar in small but significant ways.  My main intent was to create something entertaining, but my hope was to establish a certain depth to the story difficult to approach from stories with smaller spans.  A placed a lot of focus on action as I feel it’s a strong point of my writing.

Edit (8/2/16): Below I’ve included two links to my chapters.  These are also available on the main page.

Chapter 1: Rayne wakes to a day of life on the outskirts of colony civilization.  The striking purple skyline and unending agricultural fields are the salt of her life.  Chapter01-SunrisePurple-2nd

Chapter 9: Byate and his artificial intelligence companion Marie are private detectives that work mostly bounty cases.  They hunt for pirates in an abandoned sector of human space.  Chapter09-ByateandMarie-2nd

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