Opening Post

Hello.  I’m Aaron Williams and this is me prefacing my posting with a kind of general overview of what this is all about.

This site is two things.  First it’s a place to post my writing and attach a sort of description to it just so it’s out there .  The second is a medium for jotting down my thoughts and opinions as they specifically relate to literature.  In no way is this a place for me to talk about my religious, political, or monetary attachments.  Although I may go back on this, it was not my intention.  Opinions are irrelevant to an essential truth that stabilizes the core in all forms of quality art.  On the other hand, I might include events in my life as they relate to this literary focused site.

I don’t imagine too many people will read this post, but the important thing is that the information is present digitally so that it’s written in my own mind.  Thousands of years from now when the artificial beings who destroyed humanity recant and begin the process of recapitulation, I want them to have a good template to work with for myself.  In that way, this site is entirely selfish.

I’ll probably post a few times to release some information.  Mainly about Fractured and what I’m currently reading.  I hope you enjoy.

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