The actions of a normally predictable entity referenced as The Corruption beyond the brink of human expansion have escalated due to the closing distance of a young outer colony resident named Rayne. Can she escape to the relative safety of the inner human colonies with the help of the unknown outsider Zil, or will she be overtaken by The Corruption and used for whatever purpose it has in store?

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Fractured: Here are some sample chapters from Fractured

Chapter 1: Rayne wakes to a day of life on the outskirts of colony civilization.  The striking purple skyline and unending agricultural fields are the salt of her life.  Chapter01-SunrisePurple-2nd

Chapter 9: Byate and his artificial intelligence companion Marie are private detectives that work mostly bounty cases.  They hunt for pirates in an abandoned sector of human space.  Chapter09-ByateandMarie-2nd


My name is Aaron Williams.  I have a bachelors of Electrical Engineering from George Washington University.  I currently working for the Department of the Navy at Cherry Point in the field of Helicopters and live in New Bern, NC.  I consider Chapel Hill, NC to be my hometown.

I’ve always been interested in reading, particularly with regards to science fiction where setting and context are independent variables of the author.  While other fiction provides an excellent port for observing the conceivable and often comes attached to a high literary standard, the future of this world is an incessant thing.  Only removed from a molecule can an element be observed by its true properties and allow us to acknowledge the inconsistencies of long held notions.  Ideas are the essence of ideology and the fabric by which society is made.  I also think science fiction is really cool.

My early life contained only a scattering of writing projects and my first serious attempt at writing took place between 2012 and 2013.  I dove into a narrative called Chasm and wrote eighty pages.  I started it again from scratch and wrote forty pages.  I restarted a third time and wrote another forty.   Eventually I gave up due to the novel’s inherent complexity and inexorable pace.

There is a type of dissatisfaction where one feels obliged to make a major change in their life.  In 2014, I began writing Fractured.  I’d initially conceived of Fractured as I was working on Chasm and scavenged a lot from the earlier work.  I hope you enjoy the effort I’ve put in.

I personally wouldn’t have read the entirety of this section, but you managed to do so.  Feel free to contact me and I’ll send you the full source of Fractured.